About us

Who we are

Stak Digital was founded by two friends (Bryce and Luke) who met by chance working on an ill-fated idea for a new company that was going to "disrupt the tourism industry". Deciding that this idea wasn't worth pursuing and throwing away months of work was painful, but ultimately ended up being an important lesson.

What we do

We specialise in projects that are in trouble. Tight deadlines, and complicated requirements don't phase us


We will work with you end to end to bring your idea from discovery, to creation, to deployment. Whether you're looking for a new solution or you want to breathe life into your existing solution, we've got you covered. For more about our consulting services, visit our consulting page.


We offer several products as well as training and support for companies and individuals trying to incorporate our products into their process. For more about our products, visit our products page.

Other important things